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Americana Session ved
Kirsten Louise
Feat. Seven Foot Frank

Americana Session ved
Kirsten Louise
Feat. Seven Foot Frank

Kl. 21.00 / fri entré

Den 2.anden tirsdag i hver måned hedder Americana Sessions
Mojo's egen country-dronning Kirsten Louise er værtinde for tirsdagsklubben Americana Sessions.
En aften som inviterer, herboende countryboys and girls og turnerende nordamerikanske sangskrivere indenfor til flerstemmig sang, country-licks og train songs.
Find din slidte Cowboyvest frem, ta’ din veninde under armen og kom på Mojo.

Denne første Americana session i den nye tidsregning byder på Seven Foot Frank

- The Oxford Dictionary
Seven Foot Frank is a minimalistic acoustic duo that explores weird lyrical concepts through the musical idioms of America’s depression and prohibition; creating a parallel timeline in which the 1920’s never ended. By contrasting the strange with the traditional, the unbelievable becomes probable.
With tenor guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, a homebuilt foot controlled mellotron and powerful vocal harmonies, they perform songs not only about ancient occultism, dreams of space travel and old forgotten gods at the edge of reality, but also more traditional topics like hardships, booze and marine biology.
The songs are at once both dusty and vibrant, and sound like they were found on old shellac 78 rpm records. Echoes of the blues, old time mountain music, ragtime, early popular songs and jazz resonates through their music. Most of their compositions have an elusive timeless quality that is appreciated by audiences of all ages.
Jonas Frank Jirhamn is the lead singer and main songwriter; known from bands such as Tall Dark Strangers, Molly på Rymmen, Turf Rollers and Jonestown Fruit Jar Drinkers among others. He mainly plays a low tuned tenor guitar, scratchy fiddle and mellotron.
The other half of the duo, Cousin Luke (Lukas Lindberg), is a gifted multi instrumentalist who contributes on mandolin, banjo, vocals and arranging duties. Due to strange family circumstances the cousins met for the first time a few years ago and immediately found common ground in the passion for old time fiddle tunes.
Even though they have listened to thousands of old hillbilly records their inspiration comes from a wide range of sources such as; Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers, Mississippi Jug Band, Tommy Jarrell, John Hartford, King Crimson, HP Lovecraft, Peter Watts and many more.
Seven Foot Frank is an acoustic family duo that plays original Trad FictionTM and Sci FolkTM seamlessly intertwined with traditional songs and fiddle tunes from early 1900’s America.