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Kat & Co.

Kat & Co.

Kl. 22.00 / entré 120,-

En bluesrock mama med et super sejt band i ryggen.

Coming from a long line of gospel hymns, blues hummers and soulsingers, Kathleen Pearson sings through her heart and from the depths of her soul.

This is what they say about Kat&Co.
"Kat & Co. produced what I would describe as "nightclub blues" is smokey, it is sassy and it is very
classy" Nigel Foster for BLUES MATTERS MAGAZINE (UK)
“Kat&Co serves up a version of blues that is unique from what I have heard before, but is still
unmistakably the blues” BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE (USA)
“Blues is indeed the new cool in the hands of this tightly-knit band of excellent, multinational musicians
This album delivers on its title’s promise BIG TIME!!!” G. Burnett - DOWN AT THE CROSSROAD
“I like my father’s style, my own style and Kat’s style. I am crazy about that kind of stuff”
MUD MORGANFIELD (eldest son of Muddy Waters) - Classic Rock Blues
“Blues certainly Is The New Cool with this excellent, contemporary, urban blues album… This is 21st
Century Blues, lyrically it's aimed at captivating a new generation of blues lovers”
“The blues has been looking for new talent to help in its mission to try and regain a foothold in the
current music scene, and this hidden gem of a band might just be the ticket” Matt Ward (UK)
“Just when I think current blues has gotten boring someone like this comes along” DOWNTOWN DEB
- Goldradio Blues Network (USA)
“Kathleen Pearson has one of the most genuine and powerful voices in Blues in London today, with
her strong solid band they are tour de force of Blues!” Ronnie Scott’s (LONDON)


Kathleen Pearson - Kat (voc), Francesco Accurso (gui/voc), Frederico Parodi (keys), Dawne Adams (drums) and Marco Marzola (bass)