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Andrew Ellis (USA)

Andrew Ellis

Kl. 21.30 / fri entré

Endnu en gang har samarbejdet med Kurt fra Rootstown Bookings kastet en spændende solist vores vej. Andrew Ellis one man show indtager MOJO.

In a world full of false images and exaggerated egos, Andrew Ellis breathes an honesty rarely seen these days. Inspired by folk, hill country blues, classic country, and punk rock, his music can fit, almost, any venue. A twenty year veteran in music, Andrew worked on railcars, grain elevators, and as an exterminator, during the day, to be able to focus on his passion at night. His tour schedule is constantly increasing (over 240 shows annually) and has been picked up by Creative Entertainment Network/Sony. With his tagline, “I’m not trying to save the world, I’m just writing the soundtrack” it is exactly that. He simply tells you stories about regular folks, and their struggles. His shows can go from a quiet acoustic set, to a raucous, driving rock show once he cranks up his electric guitars.

“I think that it would be a shame, for me, to concentrate on one style. As people we have many sides, many emotions. I like to put all of those on full display, the rawer the better.”- Andrew Ellis

Andrew has garnered great response from the release of his last album “Post-Scarcity”(2013). With a roots based Americana format, and genre blending arrangements, this one man band has been gaining interest worldwide.

Recent Press-
“Although he has the ability to both play with poetry and deliver straight-forward gut punches with his writing style, it’s the sense of urgency and believability in his voice that’s the glue: he always sounds like he just watched the love of his life get hit by a Mack Truck, whether it’s a confrontational snarl or a drained croon.”
-Toledo Free Press
“Andrew Ellis. This singer/songwriter troubadour from Toledo, OH told (or sung) his tales with heartfelt vivid that illuminated not only the words of each song but also picturesque imagery to make them pop to life. SouthSide was impressed by Andrew’s strong vocal style to which she was easily touched by the emotional sentiments expressed while listening to him sing especially during his second song. It was truly amazing to feel his stories burst with colorful images in the mind in between listening to gentle vocal tone of his voice coupled with his acoustic riffs” – Southside BlogSpot Chicago


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