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TrainMan Blues

TrainMan Blues

Kl. 22.00 / entré 80,-

Richard Farrell har på kort tid gjort sig til en væsentlig spiller på den danske bluesscene. I samarbejde med bassisten og produceren Laust Nielsen har de indspillet en plade som udkommer meget snart og med i bandet er så prominente folk som Ronni Busack Boysen og Thomas Crawfurd.

Trainman blues is the brainchild of Richard Farrell and Laust Nielsen.They have recently written, produced and recorded songs together over the last 8 months and they’re looking forward to releasing an album by the end of the year.

Richard is an Irish man who has found his spiritual home in blues music, he breathes, sleeps and sings the blues, it is second nature to him. From the chugging sounds of the train to the warbling voices of the cotton pickers and gospel singers, Richard and his band encompass a wide sound. He sings with guts and all heart, playing a a hollow body guitar in a finger style manner. On the bass guitar is Laust Nielsen, planting delicate and warm bass lines with ease and precision. Laust has been sculpting and producing the songs with Richard for the upcoming album. Blues aficionado Ronni Boysen commands and weaves powerful riffs and solos on the guitar, playing with the likes of Mud Morgenfield ( Muddy Water’s son), his tastefulness and vigour for blues reaches beyond the shores of Denmark. On the drums is Thomas Crawfurd, a melodic and thoughtful drummer, who has finely tuned ear for creating beautifully layered, simple textures.

Paying homage to their heroes, they also play music from Taj Mahal, Muddy Waters, Eric Bibb and many more. Check out this new live video from the band.


Richard Farrell (gui/voc), Ronni Boysen (gui), Laust Nielsen (bas), Thomas Crawfurd (drums)