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Dexter Shaw (UK/DK)

Dexter Shaw (UK/DK)

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Dexter Shaw born In the 1950's in London He developed his love of blues and roots music, listening to his mother's Rhythm & Blues records. He got his first guitar at 11 and started busking on the street - playing in the "San Fancisco Bay" jug Band - outside pubs and working men's clubs with some school friends at 18 got a job as a sound engineer for Doctor Feelgood. After 10 years of touring, he picked up his guitar again and hooked up with his childhood friend Steve "West" Weston, who was playing the local gigs circuit. In the 1980's and 1990's he was some kind of a fixture in the buzzing London scene, playing double bass or guitar with some of the finest blues guys:, Big Joe Louis and His Blues Kings, King David Purdy, Jeremiah Marquez, Gordon Smith and Little George Sueref. He formed "Dexter Shaw & the Wolf Tones" in the late 1990's, before disappearing for many long years in rural France, away from the city living. He made his musical comeback last year and the current lineup, often includes his Daughter Francesca Shaw on double bass, Rob Pokorny on drums and Steve "West" Weston on harp. Dexter is now regularly playing in the UK and Continental Europe and he is considered one of the best out there playing that old school blues 1950's style. Check him out!


Guitar/Vocal - Dexter Shaw Trommer - Asmus Jensen Bas - Henrik Poulsen Mundharpe - Peter Nande Guitar/voc - Marc Rune - Big Creek Slim