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Hamilton Loomis (USA)
CD Release Tour

Hamilton Loomis (USA) 
CD Release Tour

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Texas Blues på den fede måde.
A treat !
Texaneren Hamilton Loomis og hans superfede og funky'e band indtager Mojo.
H. Loomis har flere gange tidligere med stor succes besøgt Mojo blues bar men det er første gang hans eksplosive og storswingende Texasblues bliver præsenteret på Mojo en lørdag aften. Tjek ham ud det er fedt - han har tidligere haft den ære at åbne for BB King på en belgisk festival i selskab med Ten Years After, John Foggerty, Steppenwolf, Keb Moe, Kenny Wayne Sheppard og John Mooney.
Her er en Texansk bluesman' der kan sit kram.

Hamilton Loomis does indeed go back to basics on his new album, which is his most personal and emotional effort to date. Gone are the double entendres for which Loomis is known; this time, his lyrics are direct, personal, and often autobiographical. The “basics” theme runs through the entire CD, in its lyrics (“Prayer,” “Cloudy Day”), single-chord progressions (“Sugar Baby," "Looking Into a Dream”), simple melodies (“Come and Get Me”), and stripped-down instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums (“Reason," "Getting So Big”).
Still, Loomis’s trademark deep-grooved funk and soulful blues-rock is definitely present. “I wanted this record to be more stripped-down. Even the CD jacket is black and white and pretty basic itself," he says of the disc, which features songwriting collaborations with Grammy-award winning songwriter/ producer/bassist Tommy Sims, co-writer of Eric Clapton's “Change the World." Loomis’ 2013 album “Give It Back” showed his pay-it-forward attitude of passing on knowledge to young, up-and-coming musicians, just as his mentors (notably Houston’s Joe Hughes, Johnny Copeland and rock icon Bo Diddley) once did for him. On Basics, Loomis continues the tradition by featuring several of his young protégées, and finishes the record with a jam session by some of his favorite Houston-area youngsters, whose ages range from 13 to 16. Loomis is also on a mission to raise awareness about hyperinsulinism (HI), a rare disease that causes low blood sugar. His 3-year-old son was diagnosed with the life-threatening condition in 2015, and Loomis dedicates Basics' opening track, “Sugar Baby,” to Congenital Hyperinsulinism International (, an organization that heads research on the disease, educates doctors and hospitals, and supports families affected by the disease. “They call HI kids 'sugar babies,' so I wanted to write a song in appreciation for all they do for families all over the world,” Loomis says.

PRESS QUOTES "Classify him as a blues guitarist with an appetite for rock or a rock & roll maestro with a sweet tooth for the blues ... Loomis lives in both worlds comfortably, crossing stylistic boundaries with effortless precision." - No Depression "His compositions are bursting with commercial appeal, his solos are short, clever and compact, and his band is superior. Hamilton Loomis has found his personal musical niche." - Jazzism "One of the most professional, entertaining, charismatic, talent-filled shows I have ever seen on any stage."


Hamilton Loomis (Lead vocals, all guitars, harmonicas), Fabian Hernandez (Sax, keyboards, background vocals), Kent Beatty (Bass, background vocals) og Ryan Cortez (Drums, background vocals)