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Diz Watson (UK)

Diz Watson (UK)

Kl. 21.30 / fri entré

Årets første dag - med eller uden tømmermænd - skydes igang med Diz Watson.
Måske Europas førende New Orleans pianist med svinkeærinder ud i rock'n roll og klassisk storswingende piano spil.

“Diz is something else.
Definitely one of the coolest piano players in the roots bag around, he really gets the multi-cultural nature of rhythm and blues, his influences being New Orleans, Caribbean and African music.

Brixton Bounce is Diz’s solo salute to his mentors, and the natural successor to the acclaimed “Bluecoat Man” and “Tonky Honk” by Diz and the Doormen (both on Ace Records, London). It’s an original and supremely heartfelt take on the blues delivered with the panache and showmanship for which he is particularly renowned.”

By Charlie Hart.